The buzzword of the moment! Take a second to search on almost all social media platforms and you will find hundreds and thousands of videos about this master antioxidant.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is an antioxidant that is produced naturally in the body and made up of three amino acids: cysteine, L-glutamic acid, and glycine. All three of these amino acids serve several important roles in our physiology. Glutathione works on a molecular level to remove waste products from the body, whilst also assisting in the transport of other essential amino acids across the cell membranes. The level of glutathione our body produces can be affected by many life factors – poor nutrition, stress, illness, age to name a few.

How can Glutathione improve the body’s function?

Glutathione can support your immune system all year round, it is a powerful antioxidant and detoxification agent. When you are fighting seasonal coughs and colds, it is especially useful in fighting a chesty cough as it helps reduce phlegm production. For those whose immune systems are depleted it can help repair the stresses inherent to those who experience chronic disease. It also supports liver health, improves circulation, and can boost energy levels.

Alongside many health benefits, glutathione is reported to give a clearer complexion, reduce acne, reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Whilst it has many benefits to the skin, there is no scientific evidence that supports the belief glutathione has a whitening or bleaching effect on the skin.

At Clarendon Medical we do not provide IV glutathione infusions for skin whitening.

How is it administered?

Glutathione is available in oral supplements as well as intravenously, the difference being ingested supplements must cross our digestive barriers to enter the blood stream whereas IV is administered directly into the blood stream, a more effective way to boost glutathione.

Alongside our vitamin c infusions, glutathione is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an energy and immune boost!

All intravenous therapies should be customised to the patient based on their past medical history, current health and in line with their health goals by a healthcare professional. Contact us for a free nurse consultation to discuss if glutathione is right for you.

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