Harry Bernese Mountain Dog

Farewells and Welcomes

Back in September we farewelled our loyal friend, Harry. The seven year old Bernese Mountain Dog whose tail has left a permanent mark on all our newly painted walls passed away following a period of illness.

As the sadness washed over us all, we remember him for affection, comfort and support.

He dealt this out readily to the staff and patients alike with his regular visits to the waiting room while also sitting with patients during Medical Intravenous Therapy (MIT).

His presence reminds us to be more mindful and present, for example just patting him focused the mind on the immediate present.

His gentle and calm nature is missed terribly.

His successor, Percy the Golden Retriever, is stepping into the role and is slowly learning the rules of the job. He also has the important role of teaching our new family member, Basil, the Bernese Mountain Dog, the ropes.

Basil at 11 weeks however, has a way to go before he can trot about the practice.

The value of pets in our lives is invaluable. Over and over, research is showing us that our pets increase our happiness hormones (dopamine and serotonin) and cortisol – known as the stress hormone.

With this in mind, expect to see Percy or Basil at your next visit.

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